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We are a Shanghai based international trade agency with a German founder that helps suppliers of plastics regranulate worldwide to find direct customers in China.

In the following you will learn more about our services and our profile.

Our Services

Direct Sales

We manage direct sales from international suppliers to Chinese customers without interposed middleman.

100% Transparency

We are an agency, not a trader.

That's why we can assure 100% transparency for all trading transactions.

Relationship Management

We keep the relationship with our Chinese clients and know their needs. Through this we enable you to sell your pellets to the buyer, who can create the most value from them.

Independent Sampling

Knowing the specifications Chinese buyers are looking for, we sample with equipment Chinese customers sample themselves.

Thus we avoid any misunderstandings on quality.

Claim Management

In case of quality complaints by a customer we determine whether the claim is qualified through independent sampling and on-site assessment, if necessary. If the claim is qualified we find a timely and fair solution for both parties, as a return shipment is not an option.

Customs Clearing

Upon customer request we take care of customs clearance together with our customs agent - at Shanghai and Ningbo port (see map below) - and store it in warehouses for spot sales or deliver the material on-site to the Chinese factory.